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The story of strong women – the famous director of “Konfael” and “chocolate Affairs masters”, as well as – a caring mother of three sons and a loving wife, like a fairy tale. How to become the queen of chocolate in a country where Most use cheap substitutes for soy? How to discover and develop their own business in Soviet Russia? How to survive the “Time of Troubles,” the 90 fragile noble business woman, while remaining honest with yourself and others? As raised three handsome sons, carrying on their shoulders tasty, but still heavy burden of their own business, “the best of the best ‘chocolate gifts industry? These questions are answered, first lady of Russia Irina Chocolate B. Eldarkhanov in an interview with “Sweet Business” Finam FM radio. Read the full article … Irina: Business such conduct is not easy! We always copy everything, and the information that allows us to any manufacturer, significant in the Russian market, that everything we do is monitored daily by marketers. And what do we do differently? We saw the making … Click San Antonio Spurs for additional related pages. Well, we have only presented their company, and we think: Well, how about it, there will be ambassadors, such famous artists, not do we’ll give them just a box of chocolates? We need them to do something unusual. And we did a 10-pound chocolate coin.

And we saw such enthusiasm … Then, seeing this, we started trying for my family. When we were invited for anniversaries, for birthdays, we made a big medal with individual labels, with figure, dedicated to the hobby or something, and we had an absolute delight. We have seen that there is a tremendous need for generic gifts for people who have everything, spoiled, whose tastes are not fully known, and we started to develop this theme. If the first issue we had – people known, artists and ambassadors, that they donate, then the next topic, chocolate sculptures, we have gone through the wife of our president, Vladimir Putin. Because I had to meet with Lyudmila Putin, and we thought about what you can give her.

Well, again, not a box of chocolates and Chocolate is a medal. That they have awarded medals, and we have a right to what? The coming New Year, the Year of the Horse, and we decided to make a chocolate sculpture of a horse. This year, we will please all stutuyami sttuetkami and symbolic chocolate rabbits.

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