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Life & death 22013 – “worthy live and die – how does it work?” Dresden. (Source: San Antonio Spurs). The new issue of life & death forum for new cultural dimensions is available since 15 April 2013 as the print and online version. Under the title worthy live and how to die is this?”find again reports, reports, interviews with experts, interviews etc. that deal under different aspects with the question for dignity and self-determination in the life and death. On more than 50 pages is lives since its first year of life with a tracheotomy, Prof. Dr. Raymond Voltz wrote an essay on the topic of self-determined death something that is reported among other things about a 8 year old boy?”, with the physically disabled comedian and actor Martin pious said Kristian Schulz about taboo breaches and boundaries of humour and coffin farmers from Ghana devoted to one of the reports, that it brought world-wide fame. Topics in book worthy live 22013 and die how is that?” “” “Debate: culture of humanity” Birgit incense over the Charter to the care osterfestival and dying people “report:”A child like a pinata”as the eight-year Samuel masters his life with a tracheotomy background: self-determined death?” “” “Prof.

Raymond Voltz on self-determination at the end of life research:”Nicotine patch”conversation about a new hope in the fight against Crohn’s disease Parkinson’s disease essay: burial culture” how even the last farewell to make with alternative forms of burial mythology: not end, but completion “Stephan Schlensog about the hereafter ideas in Christianity Advisor soul: time of mourning” what can I do if long repressed feelings and fears to the surface? & v. m. life & death published 4 x a year and can be purchased, inter alia via the online portal as a print and online version (single sheet or subscription).

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