In this speech, originality and fun misunderstanding southerner and dialect humor is half the picture. Of course, plenty of other conflicts, not "tied" on linguistic subtleties. For example, the "anti-alcohol campaign ', launched to save Antoine Philippe Bael, the postman (and part-inspired ringer town), who became his best friend. By the way, played his Dany Boon wrote the screenplay, and became its director. Or wonderful, just wonderful phenomenon in Berg's wife Abrams. But the main highlight – it's certainly very northern dialect. Here we must confess: the first time, this charming film, I looked at the fact that neither has a pirate version.

Not only need to take me immediately to the appropriate authorities, I will certainly go to him in the movie, be sure to buy the disc, and the show, which they called my friends, was by no means commercial. So, in the film version of translator unknown to me did a great job, he just did not transfer (my cousin, who studied the French language, said that the very high quality), but managed to maximize pass close to the original identity of this dialect. The film was subtitled, and sometimes it had to be stopped to otsmeyatsya and not lose with the narrative thread. Due to the lack of voice voiceover interpreter, I was able to enjoy non-transferable intonation actors and funny, not that shepelyavyaschey, not prisheptyvayuschey speech. This nation and its dialect translator called cabbage soup, which is also the most accordance with this pronunciation. And then, looking for information so I liked the comedy on the internet, I stumbled upon the explanation that by the word "cabbage soup" French disparagingly called the little and the cold region of the country and all who live there.

Moreover, it is kind of a cross between a local "Bobruisk" (as an Internet meme) and "Tmutarakan", where the French-hospitable Southerners in ferklempted send their interlocutors. Well, now it is clear where did another domestic pirate known as the "Welcome to the Zh." Whatever it was, this charming comedy and got to our viewers for what to say thank you to the company "Volga" who risked to take the titanic task of an adequate voice acting movie. Be sure to go to the "Beavers porzhalovat" in the movie! You will not regret that, watch this slow, very simple and sincere film that has no jokes "below belt ", but plenty of soft, subtle humor and stereotypes shattered. French as anyone else know how to file a morality so that it does not seem intrusive and inappropriate. And after watching these comedies feel like smiling all the others, to make a new hairstyle, to enroll in foreign language courses do not judge a man for his accent (and to stop "to make diagnoses by userpic!") and not to go on vacation in Turkey, but anywhere in the country. For these friends and other outlook on life.

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