Essence Talent

* Hide not your TALENTS, they were created to be used, do to what SERVIRIA put a clock of Sun in the shadow? * Benjamin Franklin * the universe sings your song because you exist, your talent is the ESA CANCION lyrics, your life seal that tea makes unique * Elizabeth Polack how to find your talent?One good way is to find solutions not conventional to LOS problems of all the days, and if it is in a context of crisis, better. Your ability to connect with your talent is based on your confidence in yourself, and your self-esteem that allow you to transform a critical situation into an opportunity.And. how to do that? STEP 1: Build trust in you notice confidence is a result, a building MENTAL and emotional, which in essence means that you believe in it until the last cell of your being; because you know that you can count on two essential things: 1. A privileged fruit of thousands of years of human evolution, brain that is designed for success, by its nature and its processes. 2 CAPACITY: GIVE Note that with your focus you can give a positive spin to any situation, only ask how and the tool that you have between the ears always tea will give solutions and answers. ** THE singing bird, although the branch SQUEAKING, because knows what are your wings * Jose Santos Chocano why confidence is a mental and emotional construction?The trust arises from your being: you feel it and perceive it as a result of your mental construction of the world. Your construction of the world, is your way of see the world, and that construction is partly transmitted to you (family, society, media) and partly manufactured by you, inside you. Hence the great Buddha said: we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are us.

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