With CEWE occupations on the pulse of the time Hanover, 26 August 2011. From August 27 to September 4, 2011 technology, science and vocational orientation revolves around on the IdeenExpo 2011. Europe’s largest photo service providers CEWE is represented with a stand at the exhibition grounds in Hanover, and presents different occupations. As a technology and market leader, the company in an exciting and innovative industry always ensures new impulses. Interested students and graduates are welcome on the CEWE booth and there literally can jump over their own shadow. The own shadow trick in the world communication at the booth the IdeenExpo K312 is the impossible possible. Exciting manner, CEWE explains how cameras work.

With the exhibit “Frozen shadows” of their own shadows can be tricked: fluorescent paint is applied on a wall, then being in a dark room with a strong Flash “photographed”. The shadow “freezes” in that moment on the prepared wall a shine to only the areas that were not covered by the body. Handstand or air jump – any movement can be stated so on the shadow wall. Thus, the exhibit shows much more than the own shadow: science is fun. Profession with future technology and natural sciences are exciting disciplines, which are announced tomorrow. For the trainees of the European market leader in CEWE, this means to embark on a career with targeted training and continuing education programmes, which promote each one personally.

Among other things presents the company with headquarters in Oldenburg on the Ideenexpo following occupations: media Technologein print or print processing, specialist application development or systems integration, fotograf/in, industry businessman /-woman, dialog marketing, clerk Mechatronics /, media designer of digital and print, specialist for warehouse logistics, dual Bachelor of Business Informatics. Already for the third time proves the IdeenExpo that technology and science are anything but boring, and continues on to the successful events of 2007 and 2009. About 400 exhibits, 100 workshop topics and live experiments make the IdeenExpo 2011 Germany’s largest knowledge and participatory event. CEWE is presented with the aim to rekindle the enthusiasm of young people and to arouse interest in scientific and technical occupations. 2011 open the doors for research and technology young on a total of nine days. CEWE COLOR Company Description: the photo service providers CEWE COLOR is present with 12 high-tech production sites and approximately 2,700 employees in 24 European countries as a technology and market leader. CEWE COLOR delivered around 2.5 billion photos, about 4.3 million CEWE photo books and photo gifts to over 45,000 commercial customers in 2010 and thus achieved a group turnover of 446,8 million euros. CEWE COLOR is in the photo industry “First mover” in the introduction of new digital technologies and products. As additional business field builds CEWE COLOR the commercial online printing service further out. CEWE COLOR 2011 celebrates its 50th anniversary: CEWE COLOR by Senator h.c. Heinz Neumuller founded in 1961, was brought as a joint-stock company on the stock exchange in 1993 by Hubert Rotharmel. The CEWE COLOR Holding AG is listed on the SDAX. Company contact: CEWE COLOR AG & co. OHG Dr. Hella Habibollah sea trail 30-32 26133 Oldenburg Tel: Tel.: + 49 (0) 441-404-400 email: Web:

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