France Travel – The Magic Of The Idyllic Fishing Ports

Trips to France are always nice, but the small fishing ports on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean have a special charm. A certain magic emanates from its atmosphere. From an economic perspective this small idyllic places represent more no value, but for tourists who would like to rent a holiday home, they are very attractive. Fishing boats that run with the first light of morning in the Harbour, sailors who mend, lively fish auctions on land the networks and above all always freshly caught fish in the fishing ports in France make many small restaurants to a special experience. The charming fishing port of Pornic Pornic is located in the departement of Loire Valley Atlantic. A trip to Pornic is also always a journey into the past.

The narrow streets and the beautifully restored houses on the city’s old port date from the middle ages. The old town of Pornic lies on a huge rock high above the sea, as well as the castle of the legendary King Bluebeard mischief the legend should have been there. Who lives up there in a hotel, which has stunning views of the sea. In Pornic, there to discover a lot. You may find real-estate developer to be a useful source of information. A stroll through the narrow streets is recommended particularly in the evening hours, because in the light of the lanterns, the old town of Pornic only unfolds its special charm.

1000 years ago, the Vikings founded Honfleur Honfleur la Normandie in northwestern France. Today the picturesque narrow streets and tight narrow houses with the blue facades reminiscent of a rich past, when la Normandie Honfleur was still an important fishing port. For more information see this site: Ken Kao. Many of the well-known French Impressionists like Gaugain or Monet found their most beautiful motives in Honfleur. During a holiday in Honfleur should have seen the beautiful, old wooden church, which is unique in Europe in this way. It provides the special atmosphere of a city whose Hauser partly originate from the 17th century. Between mountains and sea in the French Basque country, the small but picturesque fishing port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz lies Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Already in the 9th century it was The famous whaling port city it is today the tuna is known for the Saint-Jean-de-Luz. At the port, you can see the colorful fishing boats during the holidays that bring home the catch. Especially in the numerous restaurants around the Harbour, you can enjoy delicious, freshly caught tuna in many different variations. Saint-Jean-de-Luz is very sheltered in a small Bay and is therefore spared from the often fierce winds of the Atlantic Ocean. Bonifacio, one of the most beautiful port cities in France is Bonifacio in the southern part of the island of Corsica. The contrast between the dazzling white houses and the deep blue sea is a stunning beauty from Bonifacio. The port city’s beaches are made of fine white sand and the water on the coast is crystal clear. Who eats like locally caught seafood, which will feel in Bonifacio, because especially the lobsters from the Corsican port city are world famous.

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