Concepts on Creativity When we analyze the concept creativity, a great fan of concepts, opinions and theories are disclosed ahead of our eyes. Innumerable they are the definitions proposals for the term creativity. Leaving of the dictionary we evidence that creativity is defined as ' ' to give origin, to produce, to invent, to generate idias' '. Click Jorge Perez to learn more. In the classic antiquity two ideas if detached: The creativity as being of divine origin: Plato declared that at the moment of the creation, the man was taken for a superior force not having control on itself exactly. Creativity as madness: This concept has its principles based on the mind of Plato that understood the espontaneidade as fruit of a madness access. Had new alento with works of sociologist Cesare Lombroso (1836-1909), that it spread out the concept of that the involuntary nature irrational or has a pathological explanation, followed by Freud that suggests the art as a way of expression them internal conflicts that in another way if would reveal as neuroses. Until the present many they consider the ones that have developed creative talent as people, strangers, quaint, ' ' tocadas' ' , etc. In a psychological perspective the creativity will be presented with approach in some boardings, according to Papalia (2006).

Mechanist model (Pepper): The people are as machines, are previsible and react to the internal and external stimulatons. Psicanlitico aspect (Freud): It detaches the unconscious forces as motivadoras of the behavior. The Comportamentalismo-behaviourism (Watson): For the behavioristas the social influence and the experience intervene very with the behaviors, and the hereditary succession is ignored. Sociocognitiva theory: The theoreticians of the social learning as Bandura, believe that the behaviors are acquired by the comment and imitation of models. The Gestalt psychology (Kohler): It makes mention to ' ' insight' ' , that if it translates as a creative moment for the solution of problems.

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