Hafele Comes With TCPOS And Maxess In The Cloud

The solution for simple countries expansion of Hafele hardware manufacturer headquartered in Nagold in the Black Forest has found a solution to connect its first stores in Spain: with the ERP System x-trade of maxess and the POS system by TCPOS. On an IBM cloud based, the complete solution enables a simple integration of branches and countries as a local server installation is not required. Hafele store in Spain it is used for the first time. Only 13 km from Madrid, in Alcobendas, the Hafele company has opened its first store with your own logo. Furniture fittings, architectural hardware and tool can buy traders and individuals here by one of the leading companies in its industry or order and deliver himself. That in Spain in the ERP system the Hafele headquarters in Germany seamlessly integrates the data of the stores can be, ensuring the solution of maxess and TCPOS, which is based on an IBM cloud.

The advantage of the IBM cloud: the Installation of a local server in the own data center is unnecessary and quickly implemented the expansion. A new branch is added to the inventory control and POS system of maxess and TCPOS based on the IBM cloud simply. The technical concept is simple: by a secured VPN connection the TCPOS coffers and the x-trade store merchandise management client in the Spanish Hafele store with the application server and the database in the IBM cloud are connected. About the IBM cloud has the German Hafele to build headquarters full access on all Filialdaten without own hardware resources for this new retail solution. The use of IBM cloud hosting solutions are maxess and TCPOS pioneer. This is awesome for us: we can use a solution with the cloud for several countries. If a country works, then we can transfer that easily in several countries”, as Wilfried mast, head of application development by Hafele about inventory control and POS system of maxess and TCPOS. The Hafele company operated already 160,000 customers in 150 countries. An expansion of the business model in other European countries is supported also by the cash register systems by TCPOS: the cashier surfaces are not only multilingual, also the POS functions and the descriptions can be adapted to the specific requirements of the countries.

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