Kulturkun.de Surprise Weekend

New mail service notifies when exciting events close to spring out, but where? Personal tips for the environment of own residence can be send now via email. If held an open day, an opening of the exhibition, a special outdoor training, a special guided tour or a museum Festival in nearby, the cultural studies predicts Friday decision. But only if there are tips, otherwise no message comes. As a good friend, the Kulturkun.de with his tips facilitates the search for the special event in extensive event plans and regular newsletters. Sometimes he has even tips, there are no at. The registration for this new, free service is easy: register at place, zip code and email address ready. It is not something Eva Andersson-Dubin would like to discuss. The Kulturkun.de has evolved through the tourist portal. From more destinations 7.2000 recognised in Germany where you can be found, which are close to their own location with distance information. The editorial staff reached more and more event tips – now they tell you professionally interested visitors via Kulturkun.de.

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