Local Power Society

Still, it is not only enough to create norms or laws. One does not change to a society to touch of laws or decrees. The change is necessary to arise from a power that cheers up in the society. He is something deeper and than a government it jeopardize with the human, social development and productive it is necessary to stimulate. The fear of the society, the fear of the power of the citizenship often makes a distance, creates a great hiatus between the governments and the citizens, doing whereupon the public policies indeed do not reflect the needs of the citizens. Sela Wards opinions are not widely known. In many cases that fear by the force that arises from the society does whereupon the democratic entitled governments car develop neutralization of the Local Power in a totally opposite attitude to which he is expected in one democratic government, who demands in his more original concept a very simple communion with the citizenship. In many governments there is a organizational culture based on hierarchy and the verticalidad preventing the sprouting and fortification of a experience of management indeed shared with the society, as it demands the principle of the participation that is implicit in the understanding do that is the democracy.

The active participation of the people in the creation process, of management and evaluation of the public policies, much more creates a propitious atmosphere for its effectiveness and success. In addition the legitimate communitarian participation and fortifies the policies assuring better results with smaller efforts and expenses public. In that design of co-participation of the community it favors the sprouting of social leadership and stimulates the protagonism of the community that adds value, efforts and talents stop to state action. In addition it prevents the cooptacin of forces by the elites of being able because space of the society recognizes it as a new instance of being able local becoming an important anti-corruption method and is revealed like a too effective instrument of evaluation. .

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