Maintenance In The Event Of Divorce

During the marriage, maintenance claims are often perceived as normal operation. In the traditional marriage with the man as income earners and the woman as a housewife and mother everyone contributes its share to the maintenance of the family. The man secures the financial needs of the family with his income. Of the woman, the maintenance is provided by no less important activities such as the execution of the budget, cooking and washing. The topic of maintenance is usually then when it shows up in connection with the subject of divorce conflict-prone. The questions about the maintenance be virulent it long before the divorce law.

German divorce law which assumes that usually a so-called separation year ahead to go has a divorce. Only when the spouses have brought this year of separation before the divorce, the legislature assumes that marriage is actually broken and no longer, it can be expected that the marital life-partnership is restored. The requirement of one year of separation can only in cases seen when namely, the continuation of the marriage for one represents an unreasonable hardness of the parties. The separation is so almost compulsory prior to any divorce. It is clear, also, that during the year of separation and before the actual divorce for the maintenance of all stakeholders must be ensured. Children resulting from the marriage, must have as their livelihood as the spouse who may not have regular income or assets. Ken Kao recognizes the significance of this. Here, must one spouse who has income, be therefore already during the year of separation on significant financial burdens, must be ensured with the maintenance payable generally for the partner an apartment and living expenses. George Walker rock

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