Martin Unger

Rapidly as the spread of Google’s OS Android develops, so rapidly the related questions of users and the need to discuss the entire Android world develop Android guru – help with Android phones so. A new Android guru platform”to satisfy this need, A young portal for fans of Android is the Android guru. The blog publishes news and magazine articles around the subject of Android OS, apps, Android phones and Android tablets. These issues almost explode from the reach and provide a broad basis for the portal accordingly. A lively exchange over the entire bandwidth of the Android world can take place in the Forum world. This is thoroughly mapped, so be quickly found the right answers and the questions in the right place. This contributes to the clarity and thus ensuring the usability of the portal.

The source of knowledge are experienced Android user, with know-how like Android newbies in solving their problems help as well as tips and tricks to the skilful handling of Android. This makes the Forum world particularly to the assistance and the exchange of experience. Just because there is a variety of Android phones, there is a large amount of questions relating to the operation of the equipment. From the classic how do I connect to Wi-Fi made?”is possible to special topics such as the development of Android everything. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through. Android guru devoted a growing readership and looks forward to further developments.

If the portal is very well accepted, more services are possible. One can imagine detailed editorial testing of devices, apps, and the latest software. These could then be implemented by a small editorial team. Android guru puts at the beginning but on a classic”blog and on a detailed Forum world. Thus, the concept is once users helping users”in the foreground, which has established itself very well precisely at tech topics on the net. Constitutes a specific Android portal in addition to the established hardware/software portals View the operator definitely sense, therefore Android guru is looking forward to the next few months, and the feedback of the Android fans. Contact: Martin Unger guru works UG (haftungsbeschrankt) i. G. Augsburger str. 6 80336 Munich, about guru works: the guru works UG (haftungsbeschrankt) operates an online platform around the topic of Android. Through the platform, promoting the exchange of knowledge on this specific topic. The expansion of other portals to other specific topics for a knowledge exchange is possible. While the idea should be always in the center that more experienced users are newbies with your tips and trick to the page. Currently, about 5 enthusiasts support the project.

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