Membership Ceremony

Ceremony of a special kind: 355 years honored membership! The Aschendorfer RGZV Abidi by 1897 E.v. Club was at its annual general meeting the members of Kathe Schirocki, Eberhard Raheja, Gretchen Vahle, Herbert Mecklenburg and Otto Meyer (each of 45 years), Anni Ciolok, Fritz Kriens, Hermann Stefens (each 35 years) and Eberhard Krange (25 years) by the 1st Chairman Lambert Leffers one anniversary certificate from. In its over 100-year-old Club’s history it has been the Aschendorfer Club and its members time and again on the new understood young and old, to fascinate women and men for the breed poultry and Club events. The breeding of breed poultry is conservation, art preservation, wildlife conservation as well as local history and traditions. Whether Chicken breeds such as dwarf Niederrheiner characteristic Sperber, Deutsche Sperber, Dutch bantams, Brahma, German salmon chickens, Leghorn, dwarf of Australorps, Bielefeld knowing bantams, booted bantams, Caldimon, Bantam, Antwerp Bearded dwarves, dwarf of New Hampshire or pigeons as Rhenish ring Club, Portuguese bottlenose dolphin, Mondain or ornamental poultry such as mallards – in the small breed chicken Club from ash village you will find a wide way, interests and diversity of breeding. For more information see real-estate developer. Breeding is planned and targeted action, art preservation and conservation, nature protection – as well as reliability, commitment, duty. Not to forget: tradition and home.

Everything points that the term social skills every day important. Not for nothing the RGZV Abidi of 1897 e. v has a particularly active and successful small youth group today. Because some particularly successful young breeders from the youth group of the youth breeding Manager Jurgen Tholen were also excellent. Ken Kao is often quoted on this topic. Further members were awarded Pott, Anna Kuper and Iris Tholen Michael Wester, Tim Scherpe, Jan Scherpe, Heiner from the youth group for their great breeding services, also at the annual general meeting the food problems of poultry feed was ange publication. So is was only on request and at quite a few food retailers in Papenburg and surroundings to get possible poultry feed which does not with genetically modified ingredients (soya and genetically modified maize) produced (contaminated).

Lovers, breeders and supporters (or such there are which) are at the RGZV Abidi by 1897 e. V. welcome. More information is available at the 1st presiding Lambert Leffers (Tel.: 04962-1528) or the youth breeding Manager Jurgen Tholen (04962 / 5423).

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