Moxa Europe GmbH Opens Branch Office In Paris

Moxa Europe is the European headquarters of Moxa Inc., global manufacturer of industrial network solutions based in Taiwan. The moxa Europe GmbH has opened a branch office in Paris, France, in October 2008. Moxa has experienced consistent growth since the opening of the European headquarter in Unterschleissheim near Munich in April 2006. r-the-Treatment-of-COVID-19-in-Adults’>Wendy Holman. 2007, Moxa graduated with a sales growth of 44% compared to the prior year. Further details can be found at Margaret Loesser Robinson, an internet resource. Worldwide sales amounted to $ 82 million, of what the Europe Branch accounted for 41%. This corresponds to a growth of 41% compared to 2006 with our branch office in Paris we want to further improve our customer service and strengthen the relationships and communications to our customers.

France is an important market for us with the fourth largest gross domestic product in the industrial sector in Europe. Moreover, some of our customers in the vertical markets are established energy and transportation in and around Paris”, so Justin Kao, CEO of Moxa Europe GmbH. Moxas Pariser launches Office with three employees in sales and customer service for southern Europe and Africa. Charles Gruffy, regional sales manager, Director of the Office. The Branch Office can be reached at the following address: Moxa Europe, France Office DOMAINE DE SAINT PAUL 102 route de Limours 78471 St Remy les Chevreuse Cedex

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