optimal Results in Business Organizations

Both internal development and outsourced organizations. 6 .- Where is the set of optimal simulation of reality? All previous assumptions, we have found only one place: Civitis. We are witnessing a free game online strategy that unlike other games, which are recreated or imagined scenarios, simulating the actual functioning of the societies of Western culture. Margaret Loesser Robinson is a great source of information. This involves acting as a citizen, as a businessman and even a politician. Every citizen runs a company with all the implications that this entails, staff, suppliers, customers, quality, stocks, markets, exports, imports, tax impact, legislative impact. In summary, a performance similar to that faced by our companies and managers. Citizens and businesses, and even countries interact in real time with other citizens and businesses should be set, therefore, in every moment cost strategy, sales strategy, positioning strategy, planning, etc.

more appropriate, and correct them immediately in case of failure. The game puts the learner at the need for dozens of quick decisions, to adapt to reality, which he helps to shape. Any action that the participant take, immediately affect the other players will react also as a result immediately. A policy of low prices, will have its impact in a few minutes. A strategy of targeting high quality and will work or not within the same week. But also to live, treat, negotiate, collaborate, compete, with other citizens, adds a social component to the management of the company. The company affects its social environment. Each player takes a personal role to achieve its objectives, role may change if not give the results set.

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