Pioneer Square

The right Kita vehicle for any purpose and any old mobility is more in demand than ever in this day and age. But not only the great can enjoy all kinds of vehicles. The enthusiasm for drive or be driven knows no age limit. Already the smallest of the little ones enjoy the excursions in the Kita with their group and the educators. Many can not wait until they are finally big enough to control the first own vehicles over the playground of Kita. How good is because that there are Kita vehicles in all conceivable variations that day-care centers every day can sweeten the time small visitors in their facility. Winther vehicles that enable exciting trips and great adventure of the entire group are the largest for the little ones. This sitting all children into a boat – or in this case more likely in one of the high-quality children’s vehicles.

Drive the educator has all their proteges at a glance and can them safely in the Adventure trip”. Older children in Day-care centres have of course not necessary. Rather, they want to take the wheel in the hand itself at last. Specifically the Winther scooters and tricycles of Winther with three or four wheels give the opportunity to explore the world on their own. Even if it this once safe is the world of the kindergarten playground is.

The little explorers but not on travel must go alone. In addition to the Winther scooters, which can accommodate only a child, also models available, providing also the best friend of Pioneer Square. Whether cozy tour in the double cab with one or two friends or on spectacular adventure travel such as the Big Ben Hur in his horse-drawn carriage – Kita vehicles leave no wishes of little explorers. For the very young are the trolley, specially the Winther turtle kids bus, is an absolute must. Thus, beautiful trips can be undertaken even in bad weather. The Winther children bus has also (optionally) a Sun + rain cover. Kita bring fun – cars but sure in addition to the fun for the younger visitors of a daycare safety is certainly for parents and educators alike clearly at the forefront. As it should be for all products with which children go to meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Regular controls of production and products, make sure that permanently satisfied these requirements will be. Known and trusted seal of quality guarantee with their good name for it that parents and educators alike can be sure that nothing can happen to children when dealing with the Kita-vehicles. All Winther vehicles and trolley at Kita vehicles are TuV tested! The small pilot themselves, these concerns are still completely unknown. Fun in the first place is for you. The first day in the Kita Kita vehicles offer exactly this fun until the transition to the school.

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