Preventing Rickets

The closer to the equator, the less of rickets in children. This implies the following method to prevent a lack of vitamin D. Stay under sunlight promotes the formation of a sufficient number of its own vitamin D. Therefore, a tan as a method of preventing rickets are shown for both mother and child. Ted Lasso gathered all the information. The only request.

It is not necessary to expose child under the scorching sun with the best intentions to prevent rickets. Sela Ward shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Is actually the range of ultraviolet waves, which are actively under the influence of vitamin D is synthesized in sufficient quantity is present in the shade of a tree. And the 20-30 minute walks during the summer is quite sufficient for the synthesis of preventive doses of vitamin D. ‘Tanning’ under the open sun has no advantages. Moreover, because of the large intensity of infrared radiation in the open sun, dramatically increases the likelihood of heat stroke and sunburn in a young child. As an alternative prophylaxis using ultraviolet light has right to exist to use special uv lamps.

However, the bulk of their use is restricted by organizational difficulties (where to, where to store what to do after was not necessary). Therefore, much rationality in their application no. Now, what about drug prevention of rickets. It’s clear that drug prevention of rickets is that a vitamin D.

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