Spiritual Healing Treatments

Angela Shepherd Deschner provides spiritual healing as part of your offers to the women’s healing work a paradigm shift is currently in full swing. Brain research and quantum physics open up new possibilities for the understanding of many phenomena of the human mind. Spiritual healing is as old as humanity itself. Since time immemorial, it played a role in every culture until today. Because the Christian Occidental traditions such as common prayer, worship and pilgrimages are nothing more than rituals actually to come with the spiritual world and to reconnect with her. Religion”means nothing more than re binding” (lat.

re”again or back and ligio” binding). All religious rituals trying to reconnect with the source, the Cosmos or whatever people have called this force. Eva Andersson-Dubins opinions are not widely known. The word Yoga has a similar meaning (or. yuj”- connect, unite). No matter in which culture one lives in all cultures this re connection with the plays Essence of life an important role. Angela Shepherd Deschner as medial-sensitive and educated life consultant (after Samuels/Knaus) helps me their healing sessions just to reconnect with this elemental force or spring (“which by many simple God is called),. All the clients must bring, is openness and the willingness to allow the energy to flow freely. Especially after traumatic events such as complications from childbirth or child loss, but also simply whenever you are looking for help in the spiritual world, clients on Angela Shepherd Deschner can contact.

The principles of your spiritual healing work summarized it as follows: A healer or medium is always available to provide help for self-help. In every man there is an always active self healing power, she is hampered only by ourselves. The healer or the medium helps to bring the energy back to the flow. Determine the conditions under which mind and consciousness when we our consciousness change, change all our lives. Each individual is free and responsibility.

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