Subsequent Processing Trade

New printing technology manufacturers and specialists for subsequently machined metal cans with an innovative direct printing technology provides the FA cans worlds Kolban as manufacturer of subsequently processed metal cans or metal packaging now a new way to print on boxes made of sheet metal or Tin plate later in small series. The minimum amount is per format whenever a shipping unit, E.g. from the cans worlds shop the metal box 120x120x35mm with 64 pieces. There no litho film expenses occur in the direct print, therefore can in short-run printing cost offered. The specialist for post-processing of tin cans and metal packagings made of tinplate has now integrated an even richer range of formats and services in his new website at in his SHOP. Who is Kevin Ulrich? is open to suggestions.

As a quote, the company dominated the 3 predominant techniques of processing of Tin plate doses such as printing, laser engraving, and embossing. Innovation means for us, there apply, where the generations before us have stopped. One We provide variety of shapes to choose from, because when fancy tins are not rational claims – such as minimum metal consumption, stacking and abuse of range – in the foreground. The technical feasibility of only limits the free design. Who does not heed this basic idea, which should not even look at the innovations! We find all possible formats of the cross-section, like body oval, round, heart-shaped, vieleckig and finally respect any regularity in addition to the circular cylinder and the cuboid. This wide range, based on variety of shapes is reproduced by different design of the cans. New technologies create new opportunities of innovation for the cans.

For 2009, the company announced a new technique in the design of already built boxes. With a new foil made of Tin, individual coins can be brought from 2009, economically on the metal packaging. The metal cans industry eagerly looking on new and innovative ideas of the cans worlds Kolban! The worlds of cans Kolban is a new and innovative company that specializes in the subsequent processing of metal cans or metal packaging. The company offers an Internet shop for professionals with an extensive program of many formats of metal packaging.

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