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Michael Jackson

It lived in the threshold between the fancy and the reality. Fugitive of itself exactly, materialized in the body, the ghosts that haunted its tortured soul. The human being lost to the force of the myth. A brilliant artist, but … Continue reading

Urban Management

In initial evaluation, can be observed that the area presents full condition of implantation of tracks of walked and plantation of arbreas species, transforming the place into leisure area. It has points of the studied stretch that presents superior area … Continue reading

Rondon Project

They do not exist in these cities election politics, all the books that are donated are incorporated the quantity. Also they do not count on computerization of the quantity, it does not have a computerized program that it allows to … Continue reading

Cabaret Voltaire

Cinema can still be mentioned to the set of people who work in the cinematographic industry, or to the room of spectacles where cinematographic workmanships are shown. The invention of the photograph and mainly of ' ' photograph animada' ' … Continue reading

Java Theater

Mainly in the Chinese operas, that for its vezsempre was on to the dance, where myths and legends were represented. Partirdo century XI, starts to appear the dramas most human, and myths and lendasvinham then mixed with histories of love, … Continue reading