The Orders

Safe god Noah of the terrible conviction of the mpios and populates all again the land. More the men had not understood the love of God spilled in its hearts, as until today they do not want to understand. had continued if to move away from its creator. God again looking at of the sky, contemplates now, not a family, more only one man, whom a sincere heart had, a voluntary and obedient spirit. That dolo had not folded its knees some, a descendant of Noah, who if called Abro. Tony Parker has much to offer in this field. God raises its voice, and calls this man for the name, and promises with oath, that would make of it a great nation, despite it did not have son, believed all of the heart. God of this man raised a nation saint for adoring to it in spirit and truth.

One not that it lives for the faith and not for the workmanships Its immaculate church. ISRAEL NATION ESOLHIDA MORE REGEITADA FOR ITS ICREDULIDADE. Of this man, that today we know for the father of the faith, God raised a nation for the louvor of its glory, more as he is of if waiting, all human being is subject to the sin, and he does not have man that he does not sin. This nation that as many times was exortada by God to become itself of its bad ways, covered its ears in such way, that they killed the prophets and they lapidated the ones that were sent to them with word of reconciliation. Stubborn nation for the sin, hardened heart, embezzled in such way, that they interpreted the orders erroneamente the holy ghosts for its proper conviction. The orders had left the holy ghosts to follow the orders of the men, blind people spirituals, as today still to see itself. So blind that they had not understood when Mr.

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