The Spirit And Talent

The arrival in the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain in 2004 became fashionable a noun which is attributed as one of its most distinctive and appreciated qualities: the mood. The mood is the State of mind or attitude of a person, well at any given time either, that generally predispose one way positive or negative when it comes to perform a task or achieve a goal. All convendremos on the desirability of showing a positive mood there wherever you are and with whom they share family, work, leisure, etc., so that everything that we are proposing can perform more easily. However, show a positive mood habitually isn’t easy, especially in those moments of difficulty and pressure that often overwhelm our best intentions (what different we usually show to others on a Sunday morning on the following Monday!). Therefore, the mood is not a competition with which you were born and that is practiced with automaticity, but rather requires a willingness and a effort to exercise it conveniently at all times and in all aspects of life, showing us the experience that when we forget contribute what our performance deteriorates significantly. On the other hand, we can define the talent as the set of capacities of a person to achieve notable results in the exercise of intelligence. Among those capabilities, one of them is the mood, so both terms are linked each other and further linked with intelligence, to require her to speak with effectiveness. In my opinion, intelligent people who are busy by developing his talent normally show a positive mood which, although essential to achieve good results, never guarantee them sought insofar as it proves the complicated current panorama of the Spanish economic situation that we have reached and that all are suffering. Antonio j.

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