The Stove

It abra to the vents inferiors of the stove and abra the chimney shock absorber if you have one. Some people use chips personally but fodder that they smell bad. She begins with some pieces of newspaper and crjalos in loose balls. To some they tie them people in knots. I use approximately 8 newspaper leaves to ignite the fire. She accumulates the balls of newspaper in center of the stove If you have some doubt or please asks to leave them in the commentaries down. What I must make to obtain the best thing of my new stove? Firstly to ignite your stove of firewood it is necessary abrir to the air intakes inferiors and superiors so that there is air sufficient to initiate the combustion, once it pledges fire it closes the entrance inferior and it controls the intensity by the window of above.

If in case to case when you close the air intake inferior the fire if she extinguishes I could correctly be that the chimney this not absorbing air in this better case to put in contact Fire yet and one of our Lle specialists will make a visit without commitment to avaliar the problem. Firewood better burning fire in an ash bed, then whenever possible leaves to a base of more or less 5cm of ashes in your stove this would help the next time that it must ignite your stove. It uses a shovel and a bucket to clear the excess of ashes. But you decide to burn coal you must clear all the ash of the base of your stove since the coal nonburning fire very well with ashes and also you can damage it. It would not recommend to burn together firewood and coal, the combustion of the coal produces sulfuric acid and the combustion of the firewood is " hmeda" , the combination can be fatal for the chimney.

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