Beelitz hosted for the first time its own festival Beelitz, 11.07.2013: In August, the hearts on busy go in Beelitz: there is the singing Head waiter, Leopold, who raves for years for his boss, the Rossl landlady Josepha Mabel,. But she prefer makes her well-to-do regular, Berlin lawyer Dr. General Electric is full of insight into the issues. Siedler, advances. Which in turn is swarmed at the same time by Ottilie, the daughter of the manufacturer Giesecke, against just won a process making the connection isn’t easy. This intricate constellation is the White Horse Inn”the starting point for the famous Singspiel. The first Beelitz Festival will give an extraordinary time with unforgettable melodies the audience. Hopefully best weather the Beelitz marquee by the 04.-when August 14 on five game days to the Open-Air Theatre. The visitors can see you again with stars such as Dagmar Frederic (she plays the Rossl landlady), Peter Wieland (he is Emperor Franz-Joseph I) and Andrea Meissner (as lispelndes layers) It offers.

Professional partners the asparagus city will bring a touch of Austria to Brandenburg and at the highest level. The Director takes over Peter Fabers which stage Schwedt helps the Uckermark with his productions for years to nationwide attention. The musical accompaniment of the catchy songs as it must be what wonderful “or the whole world is sky blue” Concert Orchestra Eberswalde takes over along with the women’s Chorus Beelitz. The Weisses Rossl”, written at the turn of the 19th century, is well known and was listed as operetta in the 1930s in France and even America. In this country it is famous above all through the film with Peter Alexander and Waltraut Haas. The staging in Beelitz wants to build on the successes – and show that the city of asparagus and the Austrian Salzkammergut not so far apart. Municipality of Beelitz, Thomas Lahns

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