Themed Entertainment

Fascinating and compelling, pink dolphins are always looking for new friends. You and your kids will enjoy from close contact with them and with bated breath will monitor their performance in the daily presentation of 'Meet the dolphins' ('Meet-the-Dolphins'). Ticket price: adults – $ 17, children 3 to 12 years – $ 10, children under 3 years – Singapore besplatno.Yuniversal Studios (Universal Studios Singapore) Themed Entertainment park "Universal Studios Singapore" is a place entirely dedicated to the film industry. Here everyone can meet and be photographed with the characters well-known Hollywood films, take part in the filming, explore Shrek swamp, see Broadway shows. In addition, only here you can learn the secrets of dangerous stunt tricks and rooms from which the breath catches, even in adults. The entire park is divided into several zones, where find a place as history buffs and science fiction, and fans of westerns. Adventurers can take a trip to the 30s of last century – into the golden era of Egyptian studies.

Visitors and discover the mysterious Sphinx and the pyramids of the pharaohs and mummies of famous attraction in "Revenge of the Mummy." Well, of course, rides. Here their big set and absolutely for all tastes. The ticket price for visitors under the age from 13 to 64 years – $ 48 for children ages 4 to 12 years – $ 35 for adults over 65 – $ 23. Hong Kong Hong Kong – a city-island of contrasts, which combines the cultural heritage of East and West.

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