Villas themselves organically combine elegant style with a medieval Arab architecture naisovremenneyshim comfort. Go to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez for more information. Crowned with all the famous Aswan High Dam, transformed the Nile at the site in wetland area and destroy the Nile crocodiles. And next to the dam – made in the best traditions of the Soviet monumental art monument to Soviet-Egyptian friendship, ironically located near the excavated by archaeologists workshop producing cyclopean obelisks. Tourists will definitely show unfinished colossus – it were cut and trimmed but with only three sides, leaving only separate it from the granite monolith, the fourth side of the handle and take the place of installation.

It seems that the ancient architects just went to the smoke break and was about to return, to finally break off the obelisk from the wall and finish the job. Another proof of the fact that while in Egypt, runs horizontally. However, the stolid and the owners of these animals, stilled here, on coast, in many ways reminiscent of the ancient Egyptians. And as their huts, molded from clay, sand, dung, and some of the primitive building blocks generally do not differ from the Egyptian. At least the place stalls for donkeys and other domestic fowl on the rooftops clearly was not invented yesterday. Of course, no electricity, no running water with sewage in such facilities do not. But it’s flood plain of the Nile, Oasis, where you can grow rice, wheat, dates, figs and grapes.

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