West Project

As an entrepreneur, I’ve noticed has that whole self can do. At the same time, being very small and growing project not you can hire many people, as they represent an expense monthly difficult or impossible to maintain. Sometimes, one as an entrepreneur has close friends who you want to support the project with gusto, but is unlikely to have at their disposal the same time as your use to develop your business, causing high levels of absenteeism, tardiness and little interest real. So, hire professionals and/or experts it is difficult for a low-budget project. Thinking about this problem, devised a system of collaboration based on bulletins of searched so famous. The model of staff WANTED first performs an exhaustive analysis of the tasks that is needed to start up your business, or even your regular operation. Tasks that you do not you can do by yourself due to lack of necessary skills or time and place them in a WANTED ad. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez usually is spot on.

Collecting these ads you create a newsletter, (as in one typical precinct of the old West), you know your acquaintances of this bulletin and promote it. A newsletter of WANTED ads can be physical or even posted on the internet. Everyone needs money and you’re giving a chance to win without employing the person as such. Examples of tasks in the bulletin: investigate legal procedures for my business, get prices with suppliers, find 10 suitable premises, do the logo of the company, etc obviously, as a good advertisement of is looking for has a reward. In this way, rather that who gives you service puts you a price, your you inter-program and offer an amount. Take it or leave it. Don’t forget to put deadlines, and specify the work. You must demand quality. Make sure that people are able to perform each task. On the other hand, if an advertisement is not very popular, after a while can upload the reward. Good idea no?

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