Without Sales In The Operation Nothing!

Transactions are made under and with people! Neustadt/Westerwald: Many books have been written about fast Empire becoming the sales. Many analyses of sales consultations carried out but often lacks the practical implementation. (Source: san-antonio-spurs). “In daily practice, we need to find people who can deal with people, motivated, and organized the customers do real business”. This has made the task the company sales and consulting in 53577 Neustadt as active sales service provider and offers a collaboration in the sales structure, outfitting and organizing medium-sized companies and distributors. “We know how hard it must be, because we have earn good money in the sales distribution and organization of the Pike on learned and experienced many highs but also some depth,” says Friedel Mies, created by the Vub.

“One has in the last few years in the aktivenVertrieb not changed, namely the first 7 seconds of the conversation with the customer (sympathy Yes or no) and the daily hard work, the” Self motivation and self organization”. “For the technical equipment has been improved of course considerably through modern communication and you can clarify some things today in advance of a customer call and is better informed about the customer”. Just for explanatory products or services, many companies do often difficult in matching employees finding, training and organization. This takes a very long time and will be crowned with success, often not directly. Sales must be intended in the long term and the Vertriebler candidates should not be dealt with too much administrative work, but have her head for “their” customers. The salespeople must now also be team player and networker. To relieve the company of this daily work, the company offers project-based distributorships or free agreements sales and consulting, nationwide companies and distributors to combine synergies for both sides and networks to use to develop new markets and better sales to achieve. This new interesting projects of distribution and sales partners are searched, with whom you can work openly, honestly and fairly. Also has its own network of approximately 2,000 Vertrieblern/inner company VuB, from their occupation in the last 10 years, and acts according to the motto: “who serves earned and confidence is the beginning of everything”! Please contact: sales and consulting, Friedel Mies, 53577 Neustadt / Westerwald-02683 Tel 945910, fax 02683 945911,

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