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The Battle With Narco Shadow

Hover over a patient, leaning back and stretched out her trembling hands, and paying no attention to his condition, and shouts, and moans, whispering insistently, as if to pierce it with a hammer in mind: – Come on, now, shout … Continue reading

Harm From Rapid Weight Loss

If you are going to lose weight, you know, it's a big plus for your health. It is true we do not always have time for this. Because losing pounds takes a long time, a few months. But some will … Continue reading

Urinary Cause

In education and peeing involving several different organs and structures. Failure in the normal functioning of one of these organs can cause pain when urinating. Kidney – the body filters that remove Waste products from the blood and producing urine, … Continue reading

High Heels Promote Varicose Veins

Tablets with natural Zitrusflavonoiden can strengthen many women, not just young veins, carry gladly high heels. It of fun and looks good. However, this is not entirely risk-free and high heels pose dangers for veins and beautiful legs as scientists … Continue reading

Preventing Rickets

The closer to the equator, the less of rickets in children. This implies the following method to prevent a lack of vitamin D. Stay under sunlight promotes the formation of a sufficient number of its own vitamin D. Therefore, a … Continue reading