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Ischia Film Festival

An insider tip for summer 2010: By Hilary Swank, Anton Corbijn, George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Sir Ken Adam & co. On the Ischia Film Festival, which is held in the framework of the Ischia global fest learns Tino Salazar’s film … Continue reading

Long Night

The day before yesterday and yesterday 40, today 17 degrees. The long night of the museums brought up a huge Temparaturumschwung. Oakley fumbled at his desk behind the bust of a former Museum Director once in a box for his … Continue reading

Educational Games

When speaking of education in house we spoke almost always of methods, concrete pedagogies, resources for tal o cual area, and we did not comment much that we used like educative material the table games, to develop all type of … Continue reading


Levitan went into art history as the creator of mood landscapes, landscape condition, the author of plein air, delicately nuanced paintings. His talent was recognized by contemporaries unconditionally. Levitan was very fond of poetry Russian poets of the nature, and … Continue reading

Marize Fumero Jose Losada

The wonder began Wednesday 28 with Viengsay Valds and Alexander Virelles in the protagnicos rolls, both were agreed to the prestige of the institution, with an ideal line, I dance without great technical shows, free of which from my point … Continue reading

City World

– Oleg Yershov, how do you see Beslan in the near future? – I was present at the conversation of two of his compatriots about Beslan. One of them referred to the priest, , which he had several years ago, … Continue reading

Arcangelo Corelli

However, “continued” – this is not entirely accurate. Violins in Cremona were doing at the same time as in Brescia, a founder of the Cremona school was Andrea Amati’s even older, than Bertolotti, and the more Magini. On the continuation … Continue reading