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From The 10th Of May With Paramount

A classic of film history meets modern Romance: Paramount Home Entertainment released on May 10 three top titles for the first time on Blu-ray disc. Hamburg, 24.04.2012 / INPROMO / / pull the spring fever in the home theater systems … Continue reading

New Concert Series

“Lead singer Cora Lee meeting moderated singer Cora Lee Kathes chapels moderated meeting Kathes chapels” (Kathe popt”in the pulp mansion) the new music event for Berlin have fun, meet people, business contacts all at great live music in a cool … Continue reading

Daniel Footwears Concert

American Idol winner Daniel Schuhmacher playing before 13,000 of screaming teen fans so have an event in his hometown village of pull the Pfullendorfer still not experienced – 13,000 of teenagers celebrated on Thursday Germany seeks the superstar “winners Daniel … Continue reading

As Of Now The Greatest Hits By Whitney Houston At Buecher.de

Buecher.de deserves the soul Queen with their best songs and movies that last honor was a terrifying message that went around the world last weekend. Aged less than 50 years, dies with Whitney Elizabeth Houston a legend in the music … Continue reading

Melanie Jaeger

The new single from Melanie Jaeger – Hey you, I like you who she already has? Anyone looking for them yet? The big picture-book love.A thousand times she has already sung, but Melanie takes her own definition of love in … Continue reading

Super Talent

How real is Sylvie van der Vaart the crying of? Busty, penis painter, Fremdscham candidates. At the start of the new season of Super Talent RTL pulls out all the stops. 7,43 million viewers last weekend, thanked them and quietly … Continue reading

Monika Martin

The new album of Monika Martin – behind every window that allow 19 CD of Monika Martin – window ourselves also curious about a very personal Outlook and Windows. Even if we don’t immediately want to admit it, it happens … Continue reading

Nicole Engelsta

There was no script, nothing was planned, everything has evolved from the moment.” The result is an adventure?Documentation, not only for Australia fans and cyclists – a film of lust for adventure and the unique continent makes at the end … Continue reading

New Opportunity

It allowed to produce himself who convinces before casting. That is, to the exclusion of the public in the HavelPark instead of the 7 and January 14, each of 12 to 17. Reservations are not necessary if you’d like, join, … Continue reading

Richard Wright

British political pop band plays concerts for the 30-year existence of the band (thk) the highly acclaimed British political pop band Latin Quarter (“hits: Radio Africa” “, new millionaires”) provides two good reasons to visit one of their performances between … Continue reading