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The Public Library

Organized in a bus adapted for the project, the store makes use of ten computers in net, DVD, printer, screen of projection, equipment of sound and image and books. The mediators, professors prepared for the function, ahead count histories for … Continue reading


Concepts on Creativity When we analyze the concept creativity, a great fan of concepts, opinions and theories are disclosed ahead of our eyes. Innumerable they are the definitions proposals for the term creativity. Leaving of the dictionary we evidence that … Continue reading


Not all congenital and acquired instincts are transmitted to descendants. The newly born life, having a set of innate instincts, once again have to acquire experience. It is possible that at this stage of the living of this world, some … Continue reading

The Inatismo

Retaking the project of ‘ ‘ Cartesiana’ linguistics; ‘ , published in 1966, Chomsky it reaffirms the necessity of understanding of the cerebral bases of the language. The language is biological phenomenon and can be studied from a perspective internalize, … Continue reading

Bagno Landmarks

It affirms that the lingustico preconception if bases on the belief of that an only worthy Portuguese language of this name only exists and that it would be the language taught in the schools, explained in the catalogued grammars and … Continue reading

Lincoln Psychological

Put at the service of work contexts, these features can make a difference in the results that are achieved. In particular, spoke of willingness (motivation the fulfillment of a goal-oriented), realistic optimism (confidence in the positive resolution of future events), … Continue reading

Multiple Intelligences

On the basis of the citation of AXE, Luiz. Superinteligncia. Rio De Janeiro, Qulitymark, 2005, p.104., can be cited the studies of Gardner (1994/1995), which had been decisive for the substitution of the unidimensional paradigm for the multidimensional one, affirming … Continue reading


This scene persists in our time, but of one it forms oppressor, disqualified and antiethical, blocking talentos, innovative abilities and ideas. The man and the work are permeados by a socializador and ethical environment that if reproduces in the actions … Continue reading

Old Rome

Perhaps this has relation with the current fights of MMA that charge a price that only the most supplied can pay, and still pay so that they can see a blood bath, perhaps are there a difference enter the fights … Continue reading

Whole Line

How do you keep children working condition? – It's not complicated. We are working on their own technique, which has been tested by time. Throughout the session, we made several breaks – is active warm-up, for example, play "touch the … Continue reading