Importance of the Water It is a fact that nowadays more and more discusses the importance of a balanced diet, but always we passed superficially the value of one of the vital power plants for the existence of an individual; the water. Many professionals of the nutrition exist and until marks of water bottles that they indicate that the minimum ingestion of the vital liquid must be nonsmaller of 2 liters, the reality is another one in theory an individual must consume minimum its weight in ounces of water, but what means this for me like consumer: If its corporal weight is of 150 lbs. equivalent to about 75 kilos approximately minimum you must ingest 75 ounces of water about 2.5 liters, but it is necessary to be conscious that this number can vary following our daily activities. Now the question that I make all our readers is: If its automobile needs liquid battery, would handle you it? All we know the consequences to force an automobile machine, then why it forces its body? Our bodies are like expensive cars, it sintase as a then Ferrari and thinks the care that you would have with that car and what she would do to him to that car practices it with its body. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Howard Schultz. It is necessary to understand that the volume of consumption can get to triple itself following its physical activity, for example: a sportsman can get to need 3x plus the amount of water required unlike a secretary office.

It is necessary to remember that the body uses water in different functions in which the liquid is lost and therefore, must be answer among them we have: 1) Urine 2) Sweat 3) Faecal lees 4) Digestion 5) Metabolic functions As individual we do not know what the hydric balance is called. This one talks about to the relation between the water that is eliminated and the one that is ingested. In next articles I am going to cover the necessity with a mineral balance in the organism and the importance of maintaining an feeding balanced, but as all know when breaking itself a balance the things stop working as they must. The water like oxygen are essences of life of human being, as final analysis remembers that one can live two weeks without food, but does not survive more than four days without consuming water. The first passage for a vibrant health is to consume the necessary amounts of water following our daily physical activity. Original author and source of the article.

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