Aerolineas Buscaria

The dome of Aerolineas Argentinas makes time that it ceased to be a novelty the balance leans toward proponents of outflow of the three B747-400 that the company operates the route to Madrid. Pilots opposed are, in particular, clear, those who fly the fleet. Keep the alternatives would extend for three years the current equipment leasing by reforming the interiors; or take additional aircraft, which could be three former JAL offered AerSale. It is obviously always the alternative, advocated by many internally, unify the A340 and A330 widebody fleet. Just a few days ago Airbus executives visited the company to bring an offer by four new A330 which could be added to the fleet, three in 2014 and in 2015. The signing of this agreement could be announced during the forty-ninth Salon international de Paris Le Bourget, which will take place from 20 to 26 June. Boeing, meanwhile, would have brought a new offer by 20 B737/800 see Aviation News from April 7, with a clause that allows change for B737/900, seeking also to accommodate airlines making the announcement during the biggest event of the global aviation and to leverage its international impact.

Both operations would have funding for 85% of the aircraft. On the other hand, the first B737 with the new scheme of Aerolineas Argentinas flights already are on their way. Aircraft is located in Malaysia, finishing processes of certifications and test flights before your ferry to the Argentina flight. Aircraft exhibit registration VH-VBA and VH-VBB with which the Australian operated it Virgin Blue Airlines. The B737 will be incorporated by means of leasing signed with International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), and come with a configuration similar to that of most of the 12 B737-700, which currently operates the Argentine company. However average age 10 who have these teams (the oldest was manufactured in April 2001 and the newest in October 2002) the full incorporation of these aircraft reduces the average age of the fleet of airlines in 15.6 years in 2009 to 10.8 years in 2012, i.e. a modernization of 31% in terms of average age. The agreement lasts for 60 months being the monthly rent of $239,000 per month per aircraft.

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