African Traditions

The traditions African that if reproduced in the cults afro-Brazilians of the Candombls, preserve many millenarian rites, as for example, the sacrifice and the offerings. The essence of the sacrifices and offerings is in the vital energy, as much of the vegetal food how much of the animal blood. A food, or same the life of an animal, that is offered the Oriss contains an intense one and complex load of vital energy, that, complemented with had orikis and adurs (said and sung prayers) acquire a power without measures. Are transmitted teachings and reproduced it has millenia. Currently we live a crisis, a complete distortion of this so important and powerful tradition inside of the cult to the Orisss in Brazil. The consumerism occidental person of our time started to permear the practical ones of offerings and the sacrifices practised for the Umbanda and the Candombl.

It is very common to witness true wastefulnesses and pollution in waterfalls, bushes and beaches on the part of the adepts of the Orisss. Bottles, plates, vazilhames of all the left types in the nature, I contend kilos and liters of foods and drinks that are offered the Orisss. Forwardings in plastic bags. Left Sabonetes, combs, mirrors, perfumes and shampoos at random. Ebs with kilos and kilos of food. Practitioners who enxergam in the amount the quality and force of the praise.

People whom conscience does not have of that the place most sacred for these religions is the proper nature, and from there the importance of the care it. While as much people pass hunger in the world all, kilos and kilos of food are wasted for the candomblecistas and umbandistas without conscience of the essence of its proper religion. As the Orisss they go to bless the food wastefulness and pollution of its main and more sacred temple. To the practitioners the understanding is necessary of that the essence of the offering is the prayer, the faith, and that the food and the drink are symbols. That such products load the vital energy in its essence and not in its amount. 5 kilos of black beans will not please more that 100 grams. But 100 grams with faith, with respect and heart will please much more of what 5 kilos, without heart and faith. The cult to the Orisss came of a people, of a region where each gram of food, each animal highly sacred age, respected and rationally consumed and offered the Orisss. It is not necessary to sacrifice some animals, mainly exotic as turtles, pheasants, snakes, lizards, initiated it really to be initiated. Ej, the blood of the animal, the life of the animal also is symbolic. Also, in many cases if they kill animals without if knowing the due words. Without using due leves. Many do not know that ej of leves is so or more important that ej of the animals. Amount is not quality. Worse E, exists places of fetichism, houses, centers that pray offerings and later they play outside. They forward. Kilos and kilos of meat, fruits and foods in general that they could be consumed by the proper practitioners, or exactly donated, are wasted with the forwarding name. Many practitioners of the Candombl and the Umbanda suffer badly from one that she needs to be surpassed. This badly calls ignorance. Lack of knowledge and conscience on the essence of the proper religion.

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