After Giving

A gift from "raw land" contained in the pot, it is considered a harbinger of disaster emergency. If you do not want you dear people ill, do not give him anything that you can "buy in pharmacy. " Quite common gift for older parents – Electronic devices for measuring pressure, temperature, etc. not too successful as a present from the point of view to take. Presents "a distance" can be called perfume and tie. The French believe that the spirits give a woman can only very close people, like getting a present from someone else, it seems to be "moving away" from her husband. Tie, in contrast, "connects" and who gives a gifted, so that it can give only one with whom birthday is "connected" to any bond (wife, mom).

Such symbols of wealth and prosperity, such as wallets and piggy bank, as a gift could be the beginning of the ruin of you dear people. People such as San Antonio Spurs would likely agree. To avoid this, you need to know not only the signs, but the possibility of legally and fool them. In the purse money is put, and the more they will be the richer man (as we have in mind the "volume" and not the total amount should stock up on coins). Fill the stands empty, and any other thing. Another way to get the thing, without receiving disaster, a gift from "buy." For example, you give as a present knives, birthday boy "pays" you for it a handful of coins. Less expensive way to get a gift is that it is "theft." Thing is not presented to you personally, and put where, when you turn away, hero of the occasion can it "stealing." The "bad" can be present and "Accompany" good. Tony Parkers opinions are not widely known. Wrist watches can be worn on the foot teddy bear, sorry, of course, a toy, after separation, and old age would get it, rather than a birthday.

In case you need to give something before the scheduled date, you can wrap a present in tissue paper (so that the birthday gift he saw then, when it "can"). Or, you can bag "to keep the deposit," and the holiday gift to hand over the phone or via e- letter. Will the gifts you can gather a great variety. And the good news is that almost each of them have the opportunity to "outwit". Because after all the worst gift described the Russian writer and poet Igor Guberman Mironovich in the following four lines: We give a woman flowers, star from the sky, circling the ball and pass it on "you" … After Giving very little. Presenting the gift, we give part of his soul. Warm feelings are always appreciated, even if they were "escorted" not "best" thing in terms of marks. But the lack of attention and gifts – the bad omen. So remember important dates and, more importantly, about the important people in your life. And then no bad omens not will propagate your life.

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