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In the specialized and public media can find hundreds of materials on how staff protect their interests, and are only a few publications devoted to upholding the position of the opposite side. But as shown experience, resulting in leakage of business information, transfer of employees to competitors is the employer bears the most significant losses. To avoid them, you need to listen carefully to the applicant for admission to work and provide for a range of measures in the event of a “bad breakup” with him. How to protect yourself from a Trojan horse? We all remember the legend of the ancient town – Three: the enemy, who could not take the fortress of starvation, had to be cunning. Before the gates of Troy was established ornate figure of the horse. Charlotte Hornets: the source for more info.

Residents of the city, dragged him inside, fell victim sitting inside enemies. In practice, such a “Trojan horse” could be any of your employees. Here why stage receiving rights to work, probably the most important and crucial. Perhaps check out Rusty Holzer for more information. There are many ways to check the personnel – from classical to the relatively new. David Avetisyan, Commercial Director of “Vendors” (Manufacture of vending machines), said: “On the security service we still too early to think, so we recruit staff, particularly collectors, on the recommendation of friends and acquaintances. Until now we had no reason to doubt their loyalty. For small companies it is the best option. ” Recruitment agency “Unity checks for future employees in another way – gathers information about a candidate by outgoing calls from previous jobs.

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