Europe Union

In order to add to yours please pregutas: Rep favore. Now that or you were able to arrive at the sites and to buy, to give thanks to the taxi driver or to the waiter by a good food: grazie and to say prego don’t mention it. With a 15-20 vocabulary words, you will feel much more to taste in Rome. World business in Rome the positions of movable telephony in roaming is little by little beginning to be smaller within the Europe Union, although if you must do a pair of calls in conference from the foreigner still will cost an eye to you of the face. The easiest solution is to buy a card SIM been pleased in any store of telephony. By about 10 Euros you will have an Italian number and a card SIM that you will be able to use on any telephone GSM frees. Llevaros two telephones in your trip, or you buy one to your arrival by a cost of 30 Euros. If you do not have to pay roaming in one hour of call to conference with soothes of your company, you will already have saved.

When I buy a local number, which I always do is to send to an email to my colleagues and contacts with which it would have to speak during my stay. To have access to Internet is not so easy. You will be able to be bought an account of Internet 3G been pleased, although she is expensive, and also they are it the costs by megabyte. The best option is to find a bar with Wifi in the neighborhood of your lodging in Rome: you will recognize it because they are used to having a logo Wifi Zone in the outside. An extra will be a good cappuccino or a coffee espresso with much aroma while you review your electronic mail.

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