Golden Eagle

To begin with, what a pleasant surprise is a very serious attitude of the participants in the national dress, and other colorful attributes. With passion examined darkened by time, silver jewelry, intricately embroidered rugs and embroidered boots and other "chevrons" someone else's life – I'm sure that these people are genuine love store c legacy of their ancestors. And, in spite of some present here theatricality, they came here not for money but, if in plain English, for the performance of the national debt. This nation has managed to convey to our time what the other great states exhibit in museums. This is not about the antiquities, but of spirituality. Arena, where the active steps marked with stones and present here the police are strictly followed to the border no one crossed – an excited horse may accidentally injure the unwary photographer or a careless child. The place was chosen near the rocky apex, so that by the judge assistant berkutchi produces a bird, if the owner is ready to demonstrate the "replanting". Grafting – a preliminary stage of the competition, where demonstrates the subordination of the Golden Eagle team owner.

Breaking away from the place at a gallop, he recalls the soaring shrieking eagle, which must accurately sbarrazhirovat substituted for hand galloping horseman. One of the running from the mountains into the blue sky was attacked by a golden eagle in the air, nowhere penny, a dozen desperate local crows. Whirling in the dance, dodging and attacking them nahalok, golden eagle paid no attention to the futile calls his master. Circling, a flock of golden eagle skandalistok fascinated with him and disappeared behind the slope. The audience roared with laughter, hoot and whistled, the rider with the horse's mouth anger tore the bridle, and the little boy was threatened in the sky cam and dirty smeared snot and tears on his face.

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