Great Exercise Games For Kids

For this exciting game, we need: a large sheet of drawing paper, crayons or markers. With your child start brushing city, fantastic country, space, nature – in general anything. Sharing creativity can continue any hour and even day.

For this activity will need colorful and different sized buttons. Adult offers to put them in a row. For example: Published first two white buttons, then three blue, and after a single large button, etc. Adult hides in a box of any object.

To guess it, the child asks questions: ‘What material is made subject? “‘ What does he value?” ‘What color? “, Etc. Questions need to be set so that corresponding to said only ‘yes’ or ‘no’. When the subject guessed, adult and child are reversed. Develop the child’s imagination will help co-inventing different stories. For example, you say: ‘A small flock of hedgehogs flew into the store. ” Child continues: ‘There they ate ice cream and flew home. ” In order to develop auditory perception of the child, you can use such an interesting game. Adult becomes a door, wall, etc. and starts to make noises with various objects. For example, shaking the hands of the coins, tearing paper, pouring a cup in a cup of water, etc. The main thing is that the sounds were crisp and clear. Child on them should determine the subject and committed of action. Adults see the room and mentally selects any object. Then describes it in different aspects: material, shape, color, etc.

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