Inside The Director

Inside The Director JOSE GARCIA My dear Joe is so cute who do not know where to begin to describe it. The objective of these conversations that I want to show is that they know a little inside these young artists to express themselves Dominicans making films. Well, Jose is an artist in every sense of the word, study advertising as my friend Robert, but have turned to making films each in a genre completely different from each other.For Jose Garcia, the theme is to bring the Christian message, making the film espanci n half of the belief that God exists and is all powerful, kind and loving, which must always be present in our lives. Jose Garcia has already made a large number of feature films (six to be exact, one of them in various versions) in all video format with Christian themes and a considerable number of short films, these social issues. When I said look I get an interview Jos immediate response was “clear my love, when you want” a spontaneous response and encouraging as it seems, we may say without doubt that Jose has entered a period of fame and recognition . Starting from the fact that the Christian’s Secret in her last movie billboard and still is breaking box office records and continuing for this nominee Kassandra as best director for his previous work camp.Here I bring our conversation that logC is summarized as long as we last spoke we connect hours exchanging ideas, concepts, hypotheses and experiences. Full Name: Jose Garcia Place and date of birth: Santo Domingo June 15, 1975 Sign: Gemenis Mother: Maria Ortega Father: Jose Garcia (Deceased) Brothers: 9 sisters and I the only male Civil Status: Sweet or salty: salty Up or down: up

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