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On the contrary, Ezzati is a man who does not ever show a clear position against anything where it appeals or requires a definition. It always acts on the basis of circumstances, given the responsibility to others and never plays by a personal opinion. In the particular case of the Mapuche, Ezzati has failed to be a mediator, it has only been a Communicator between one group and another, more, in moments that require a clear definition of the Government, Ezzati mildly said with that vocecilla of low frequency and with that Italian accent that refuses to ignore, that it is the Government who has the floor; but that does not say clearly what he or the Church as a mediator of the Government? It is definitely not clear. Castles in which the is there as a defender of life and ideas of anyone in particular. There is a permanent denial to be immersed in an opinion, because not say, is what we hope all Chileans a Church always committed and played by social causes. It is the same thing that happens with outgoing Cardinal. It is never wrong with anyone. Ezati is like something out of that Church in the Lateran Treaty of the year 1929 and conciliabulo diplomat of Pope Pius XI and the dictator Benito Mussolini.

At that time the papacy sold part of his soul in exchange for autonomy and protection money. Would cost far from Letran Church return to be the promoter of social demands, that Leon XIII, intelligent Pope, had been able to deliver to the world through his social encyclicals. Ezzati is that school, papal diplomacy, not opinion and mediation without result. There is not an opinion to Monsignor Ezzati priestly quality in my words, I do not have any precedent against him, which makes me think that it is not a Saint and dedicated priest, in contrast to the views of many other religious Salesians, have left much to be desired by her act; Let us remember that the Salesian order has neglected its educational work that for many years contributed to Chile, not to mention the figure of this tremendous man and priest who was Archbishop Silva Henriquez, also Salesian, but man belonging to the other pole where Ricardo Ezzati is located today.

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