Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation is a meditation active Osho. This type of meditation is recommended for people with anxiety and excess energy, and for people who want to experience a new way to meditate enjoying the physical movement both internally and externally. This type of meditation has four stages: 1) a part of the whole body shaking, standing with his feet still on the ground, the sound of music designed especially for this purpose. At this time the whole body is shaken with the help of the knees, and there comes a time that you no longer have to “accompany” the agitation, but the agitation of arms, trunk, shoulders, hips and is given by itself . At the moment one starts to go into meditation, with eyes closed during the four steps, the mind leaves the body and the body and interior are moving energy.

2) This part allows the agitation was turned into dancing: with eyes closed, and one begins to move as the body prompted no longer have to be with his feet nailed to the soil, but dance, jump, moves to the music, letting the energy flow throughout the body. 3) Again still standing: still now, we very straight spine, and feel the music and the kundalini energy that comes from the red chakra and increases across the back to beyond our heads. Intense moment for the mind, sometimes you may feel that one is more than his body, one merges with its surroundings, as if he were no longer being within the physical body. 4) After feeling the energy move up, we lay on the floor, watching our being with eyes closed, without judging, without fear, in silence. Ten minutes. Present.

Notes. In total one-hour meditation, but it flies. It is a kind of meditation in which you mix a great physical activity together with a large rest (or “stop”) of mind. Worth a try. The music of the Osho Meditation can find it in most web pages.

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