Leadership Initiative

Not all problems require action, some resolve on their own. Do not try to act if you have a problem, do not confuse activity with effectiveness, considered the options, the cost of making and contribution to the solution will, accept that many things he can not control, must take a leisurely approach and allow time help. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If you must leave the bank but falls heavy rain which flooded the street, you can wait for the rain to pass, the drainage system will drain the water and you may leave later, it is not necessary to engage in desinundar the street. 7. Open your mind, consider other ways of doing things.

Creativity helps solve many problems, dare to try different ways, research, collaboration accept, listen and then use that might be useful. 8. Overwhelm someone who has made a mistake, however serious this is, does not contribute to improve or that the situation is resolved. Be understanding, collaborate, most people when they are wrong are largely willing to work to solve it, let it try and check in conjunction with them how best to achieve it and the way to prevent a repeat, see all the opportunities growth resulting from an error or mistake, sometimes it can discover flaws in the procedures before they have major consequences. 9. Solutions are not always of two types: The wrong and yours. Allow yourself to listen to other opinions, consider other points of view and see what opportunities may arise from them, do not discard good ideas without properly analyze and consider them just because they agree with his way of seeing or doing things. 10. A leader needs to be noted, probably not a good leader. If you are a leader who never acknowledges the work of his team, if he has everything as its own initiative, check if it is really a leader, consider how they will feel the members of your team every time you know and appropriates its contributions, be aware that this attitude will make them increasingly less interested in contributing, you may lose a team. 11. A leader who does not receive input from your computer, you probably have a bad team. If your computer does not make any contribution despite your leadership style allows, supports and recognizes it, ask yourself if you have the proper equipment, ask yourself what you must know your team, what is the right profile, check if they can be trained or perhaps relocated, review and if necessary modify the process by which they were selected.

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