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Evaluation on the Internet provides data for targeted deals / permanent monitoring Munich, August 2009 what guests really think: the Agency to cancer. the TourismusTexter and the consulting firm IRS CONSULT AG have agreed on a strategic partnership. First joint project is an online survey that provides answers to those questions resorts that are for the expansion of service and quality in hospitality and services of vital importance. In tourism, the trends change quickly. They know the people responsible in the tourist destinations and regions. Increasingly, you pay attention therefore professional market research. Because: Only who knows the needs of its guests, can also be set. The customer is King.

Especially in an industry that thrives on service quality and increasing individualization. The opinion of the guests know: That is the crucial, to create targeted offers to place a place or a region as a brand and in the long term the guest numbers stabilize. Printed questionnaires in tourist information and accommodation remain often unnoticed. “We have developed therefore a professional, convenient and cost-effective online guest survey”, says Christian Brix, project manager at to cancer. the TourismusTexter. Via the Internet, the guest can answer the questions when and where they want. Valuable information, resorts and destinations: how are the guests arrive? Where have you informed about the resort? What leisure facilities have used them? How do the tourist quality of gastronomic? The analysis of information from the online survey forms the basis for future tourism strategies and extending the services according to the real requirements of the guests.

Also, the online survey allows a detailed analysis of the target groups and a permanent monitoring of the quality of service. Efficient use of technical innovations: resorts can create their individual online questionnaire based on a predetermined framework can be adapted to the respective Web design. An own link there the evaluation date immediately supplied. Bundle competencies: the IRS CONSULT AG stands for more than 17 years expertise in the tourism and leisure industry, in particular in the fields of innovative marketing solutions, destination management. Talking cancer. the TourismusTexter bring experience and know-how in the areas of online PR, communications and classical press work in the partnership.

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