Realizing Dreams

To give life to our ideas, to make specific our dreams, it leaves from that we pay conscious attention of the present moment and manage to dominate this way the internal dialogue of our mind, that one that says that our ideas will not work, that one to us that criticism and judges what we do and that it often shows to hardness and scorn by our weaknesses and leannesses, before any committed error, by some movement in false. It is necessary to put order first in the mind to construct the reality that imagines. Then how to construct something when the disqualifying voice of the mind is in constant pesimism, skeptic before any idea, demolisher in its judgments and critics against everything what it is desired to do or to undertake. How to let fly to the dreams when your own internal dialogue says to you that there is more important subjects of the ones than you must yourself occupy? , how to give life to the idea that leads towards your well-being if listening to you to that desmotivadora voice that says better to you that it is in vain to try it, that better no, than later or when you have this or that one? . .y this is false .porque the construction of one more a reality in agreement with which you wish and you need begins with any inner change today or outer in today you are giving life to him to that dream that is hoping you return it reality in this earthly dimension. If in your life there is some impediment is the one that your own mind has created and to surpass you need it to take the reins from that mind under your control the power the mind only consists of the recovery of that control therefore you connect yourself with your Inner Being, is there when you discover that you have the power TO CREATE YOUR REALITY ACCORDING TO WHAT YOU WISH AND YOU IMAGINE there listening to the voice of your Soul, there you become magnet that attracts all good before before you are not as a boat to the drift at the mercy of atrophied and often neurotic mind that to only dictates you first that finds in its old trunk of bad memories and negative experiences. There am the importance here OF LIVING NOW, the present, without watching the trastos of memories and discouraging experiences that have been back and without watching either towards that called ghost future which is nonexistent like so because it is created today, reason why you decide what future to have the future .porque the sowings, it forms you today change and it to your favor. It remembers that the total life of inner satisfaction and you obtain it to happiness, or when wide-awake your conscience to the Being or when you obtain your autorrealizacin you can choose, what way to take. You have before you these two great ways lead that you to your well-being, the one that it connects to you with your Inner Being or the one who makes you vibrate of emotion to do what you like, is easy to you and so they were given determined gifts and talents to you. That the Light of the Love enters to your life, wakes up and elevates your conscience in Here and Now!

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