Spiderman 4

Will it improve the 3rd movie that was a disaster The expected ‘Spiderman 4’ already has a script in progress. The story will be prepared by David Lindsay-Abaire and so far all is closely guarded information. ‘Spiderman 4’ is becoming a new reality. When everything seemed to vanish (from the main cast and crew) now everything is taken up and the film’s script is in process.The manager himself is David Lindsay-Abaire, who produced in collaboration with Sam Raimi, director of the pel cula.Tobey again Maguire again will wear the suit of Marvel hero in a return more than expected by all fans saga. Although for now it remains to outline whether Kirsten Dunst will continue in the same for a fourth time, as rumors circulated for weeks about his flat refusal. But as often happens in similar cases, everything seems to be in book issues. ‘Spiderman 4’ could be released on screens around the world in mid-2011.And in the coming months we will have more about the film’s plot. Please rate the movie as expected: Good, Fair or Poor


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