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Brazilian Culture And Music

Introduction the Brazilian culture mainly has musical characteristics accented, with come rhythms of the African culture, people enslaved and brought for Brazilian lands for the Portuguese, as it detaches the Marli teacher Oliveira de Carvalho, in lecture pronounced in the … Continue reading

Ernest Legouv

Until the end of century XVIII, the reading is an activity carried through in the conviviality of the family, where if they read and they reread books in high voice so that it had the memorization of the text, in … Continue reading

Successful With EBook Sales

My eBook license for wire-makers create the breakthrough to the top. Make a now big money with eBook sales the wire of timer, eBook that everyone simply needs. My eBook license for wire-makers create the breakthrough to the top. How … Continue reading

The Drawing

Thus, they are expressed and they communicated through the imitation and dramatizao; of music and in the dance; in the drawing, photograph, glue; of the modeling, the sculpture; of the said word and writing. It has a great concern, for … Continue reading

Brazilian Popular Literature

I find that, inside of my possibilities, to consanguineous this in this. Voctem Lebanese origin, on the part of father. Of some form, its father incentive to create narratives where the cloth of deep would be the countries orientated Average … Continue reading