The Level

To advise in the technical aspects of the disease of the boy and in their physical possibilities and health that advise the scholastic attention and inform on the possibilities into activity and yield into the student. – The doctors: They must offer to teachers a specific information related to the situation of each boy have to value how the chemotherapy will affect to the attendance from the boy the school and to suitably plan the absences of the boy to the same. Each case will be evaluated in collaboration with the school in agreement with the evolution of the treatments. The communication of the doctors and hospitable teachers with the teachers of the origin school of the young patient can: – To provide a medical information updated the teachers in order to modify its erroneous ideas, attitudes, myths and concepts. – To be a route so that the teachers analyze their own feelings and experiences on the disease and do not interfere in the schooling of the boy. – To give them to information on the development of the disease and its treatment, on social, physical, academic and emotional the consequences of the diagnosis and the treatment, on the necessary support in the preparation of the companions for the return to the class of the young patient, and on how doing pertinent the curricular adaptations. – The paper of the parents: The families of the hospitalized children, making participate in the processes of recovery of its disease and in the educative processes the relation them with we go it to the parents to directed in several directions: – Like nexus of union between the center of origin and the hospitable classroom. – Orientative of the level of its children, from the affective point of view, academic and sanitary. – To participate in playful precise activities as as much informative, organized in the classroom.

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