The Role

In the musical "Cats" were the moments where permitted improvisation. That is why Performance has always been lively and different each time. That you work in musicals was the easiest? The musical – a synthetic genre, where an actor should always be able to sing live, move and play well. Therefore to say that just as well that No, it makes no sense. All difficult.

But it is also interesting. And fun. You're in the role of car cat Skimblshenksa played one hundred performances without replacement. How did you put this kind of record? Probably the only desire enough of enough. Musical life in Moscow is short enough. Cats were only a year. Knowing that the musical will not last long, I enjoy to the maximum.

What qualities should an actor to be a worthy actor musical performance? First of all, to be physically strong. Be good at singing, playing and dancing. What is more important for an actor: personal skill or ability to join the team, then to work as a whole? No skills you will not get to work. Without the ability to join the team you yourself get away from it. What methods are using when trying on a new image? Some, for example, think millions of life experiences and try to understand how to act in such a case their hero. It all relates to the professional kitchen, which must remain hidden from the eyes of viewers. Do you think there is a future for Russian musicals or better to continue to do adaptation of Western plays and bring originality to them? Both have the right to exist.

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